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Green Tech Financial Advisory 
and Project Deveolopment
We provide a full range of acquisition, consulting, development, financing, and asset management support to organizations active in the clean energy and sustainable infrastructure sectors.

What We Do

Advisory Services

Project finance structuring,
fundraising, market research, portfolio management, environmental attributes markets

Project Development

Project design and development: 
community solar, smart/mini-grids, clean energy, storm water management

Technical Consulting

Cost estimation, lifecycle analysis, impact assessments, quantitative and political risk analysis
  1. About Us

    Youngblood Capital Group (YCG) launched in 2009 based on a foundation of technology acquisition program experience. Our mission is to develop a geographically and technologically diversified portfolio of environmental technology projects ranging in size and scope from community scale to global.  

    Our expertise in strategic analysis, economic assessments, and stakeholder development helps our private, institutional, and Federal clients achieve sustainability objectives while improving operational efficiency and economic performance. We also help local governments design and develop sustainable, resilient, secure communities.
Hugh Youngblood
Chief Executive
With his background in systems engineering and strategy consulting, Mr. Youngblood is an innovative engineer, entrepreneur, and executive working to transform Washington, DC, into a center of excellence for environmental technology investment and capital market reformation. He has been involved in environmental and community-focused technology projects that have yielded signficant positive impact.

Mr. Youngblood earned his Bachelors degree in Computer Engineering from Tulane University and graduate degrees in Reliability Engineering, Systems Engineering,  and International Finance from the University of Maryland. He brings technical perspective to the world of economics and finance. He began his career in the military acquisition industry focused on stealth aircraft and nuclear anti-terrorism technologies and later transitioned into project finance for clean energy and community-scale infrastructure and sustainability systems. 
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